Now we’ve talked before about whether you should do cardio before or after weights, which you can read more about in part one and part two of the two part series article, but what about combining the two and killing two birds with one stone?!

According to it’s very possible! They show you how you can use the treadmill for more than just running or walking by walking with your hand or doing mountain climbers on the moving incline belt for new challenges. These types of moves help you build muscle while building up a sweat as well.

Combining cardio and strength training not only helps you to burn more calories, but also helps you finish your workout in less time while still doing more. Perfect for those days when you only have time to squeeze in one or the other, well now you don’t have to choose!

Try out the video below from FitSugar to see how you can combine your strength training moves on your treadmill, they ensure “you will never look at the treadmill the same way again.”


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