Getting in shape doesn’t mean that you have to purchase an expensive membership to a local fitness center. Getting in shape at home is simple when you learn the right techniques and exercises that can be completed using your own body.

What are some of the exercises that you can do at home to get an instant workout?

Workout Videos

Workout videos don’t mean that you have to purchase different videos. There are lots of exercise videos that can be found online for free, and followed at home. The workout videos are a great way to tone various parts of the body, create a complete and full body workout programs and even learn different exercising techniques, like yoga or Pilates. At home workout videos can be completed at your own convenience and can be a great way for parents that work at home, or stay home with the kids.

Get a Treadmill

Treadmill RunnerAre you looking for a way to workout at home that is going to provide you with an all season workout? Shopping around for a treadmill and finding an affordable model can help you to burn the calories, increase your stamina and metabolism and tone the waistline. You can shop online or in local department and fitness stores to find home treadmills that offer you various workout programs, like workouts on an incline. The treadmill workout can help to start a weight loss program, tone the body and give you a way to work out inside through the colder seasons.

Wall Sits to Increase Abdominal Muscles

Sitting against the wall at a ninety degree angle is an effective way to build the core muscles and increase the stamina. Doing wall sits is an effective part of a full body workout and can help to increase the core muscles, to strengthen the body for the rest of the workout. Wall sits should be completed for thirty to sixty seconds, increasing the amount of time sitting against the wall as you increase the stamina.

Lunges and Squats

LungeDeveloping the muscles in the legs and lower body can help to increase stamina and muscle mass. Doing lunges and squats is simple without workout equipment as you can use anything from free weights to cans of soup. Lunges and squats can be done to maximum effectiveness in three sets of fifteen to thirty exercises, changing the legs when doing squats and using weights while doing squats. Watch workout videos or work with a trainer to learn the proper techniques that are used while doing lunges and squats, as this is going to ensure that the proper muscle groups are being worked and that the results from the exercises are going to be seen.

Using a combination of side lunges and squats can help to work out various muscle groups and build an effective and varied workout program.

Push Ups

To build the muscles in the upper body and increase the strength you can use push-ups. There are many variations of push-ups that can be completed depending on your level of strength and fitness. Finding the push-ups that are going to work your desired results can be as simple as learning about the different types; clapping push-ups, single arm push-ups, normal push-ups and one armed push-ups.

Getting a workout at home without equipment can be a great way to stay in shape if you can’t find it in the budget to purchase a gym membership or if you are unable to fit it into a busy schedule. It’s all about learning to do the right exercises, the right way, to get results at home.


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