Summer is officially 78 days away from today, that means you got 11 weeks to get your body Summer time ready! We at want you to be excited for the warm weather, to say “Bring on the shorts, tank tops and swimsuits!” We want to make sure none of our readers dread this day!

We know that finding the time to workout and eating healthy can be difficult at times, but we want you all to know it is indeed possible! Having trouble finding time to make it to the gym?! Try these Workouts That Can Be Done At Home to squeeze in a little fitness throughout your day. Even if you only have 20 mins, do a couple then and more when you have another 10-20 minutes throughout your day, it will all soon begin to add up!

Think you have to lose money to lose weight?! This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth! Check out these 6 Awesome Tips to Lose Weight Even on a Tight Budget.Or these 246 Healthy Recipes (That Won’t Break the Bank) from Greatist to ensure you can make a healthy diet even when moneys tight! It is possible to find the time, to eat right, and save money when trying to lose weight!

We want to ensure all of our readers are Summer Time ready in 78 days! That’s why we are bringing you 11 Tips to Losing Weight, NO MORE EXCUSES:

11 Tips to Losing Weight